Fine-Tune Your Way To LinkedIn Success In Less Than 20 Minutes a Day


I spent just one hour on LinkedIn today actively searching for new prospects through LinkedIn Advanced Search. Once I selected my target group of contacts, I sent short and targeted InMail messages to decision makers in these companies. And voilà, by the end of the day I’ve got three solid leads for our new geoscience project, and some great engagement with my new contacts.

Simple? Yes. Doable? Yes. Yet so many business and non-profit professionals are missing these opportunities that LinkedIn provides every single day.

As I mentioned in my last article, one targeted InMail to a decision maker is worth thousand cold calls. Plus if you share great content with your followers and follow up on your leads, then you have created a powerful and effective business development, marketing and sales machine.

Yet I hear again and again from people all over the map – “I can’t afford one hour on LinkedIn, I just can’t! I have so much to do.”

Well, if you are serious about your business development or fundraising, you must be on LinkedIn. And if time is your main concern, here is a great tip for you.

Salesforce Canada just published a perfect recipe for LinkedIn success in its Minimalist’s Guide to Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn. All you have to do is invest less than 20 minutes a day on your LinkedIn activities.  Just follow 10 simple steps provided in the infographic below.  I know it works. Now it’s your turn.

P.S. Don’t forget to share this infographic with your followers and business contacts – they’ll surely appreciate it.

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How to Increase Productivity

Via Salesforce