The Best Advertisement I’ve Ever Seen


When you look at all these sophisticated, huge budget ads on TV, you may think how in the world my small business can compete with these giants? I don’t have millions to spend on sassy  Super Bowl ads. I don’t have a video crew to follow me to the Mount Fuji. I just have my flip camera and a computer. Do I even have a chance?

Yes, you do. When I saw this video of people feeding hummingbirds from the palms of their hands, I was so captivated that I only noticed in the very end that this was actually a promotional video for Saltery Lodge in Alaska.

Clearly, the authors of this video used the most effective advertisement tool there is – original content with a human touch. Try to imitate this approach in your next video – find something truly unique in your area. It doesn’t have to be hummingbirds or Birds of Paradise, just find an angle that will resonate with your readers or clients.

Don’t be discouraged by your competition – find your own angle. Feed your own “hummingbird” ideas with your own creative juices.



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