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Tom Davidson, EverFi: “The Real Key to Success – Working Really Hard On Whatever Place You Are in Life”

Tien Wong, Tech 2000 Inc. interviews Tom Davidson, EverFi at ConnectPreneur 2015 How do you become an entrepreneur? What are the qualities which help a young person to be successful … Continue reading

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Persuasion, Fundraising and Rabbits

Have you ever tried the popular trick of pulling the rabbit out of the hat? It’s easy. First you need to get a very small rabbit. Sometimes these little fellows … Continue reading

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7.5 Top Blogging Secrets in 7 Minutes: How to Write Your Best Blog Post. Ever.

“Hey there… Here’s your tall Americano… Is there something else I can help you with? Hello?” The Starbucks barista stares at you. “Are you okay?” she asks with slight concern in her … Continue reading

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7 Secrets of LinkedIn Fundraising for Your Startup

It’s basically your choice – You can easily raise $100 or $1,000,000 via LinkedIn. Yes, I know, you’d say – I have no time for LinkedIn. I am a startuper, … Continue reading

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Ben Joffe @HAX: “The Lone Genius Myth Doesn’t Work in China”

Ben Joffe, @HAX The Chinese hardware startup scene is hot. If you are interested in taking your startup to the next level, you may consider Shenzhen, a thriving “Silicon Valley” … Continue reading

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Accelerate Your Collisions

It takes me 16 steps to get from my workplace to our little office pantry, which serves as the unofficial hub where most interactions between departments take place. On a … Continue reading

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How to Find Talent on LinkedIn

“I have just reviewed your profile on LinkedIn, and wondered if you would be open for conversation…” Today many of us receive calls and messages just like this from recruiters … Continue reading

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